Shop The Good Guys

I recently approached the idea of creating a space that could become a PR campaign for ethical companies and products.  They are out there, they are not too expensive, and they are not getting the attention they deserve.  People often feel overwhelmed, or like it is the responsibility of a store to sell “good” products.  I would LOVE to see a world where you could walk into a mainstream grocery chain and be confident that every product was ethically sources, not using slave labor, sexist hiring practices, environmentally unsustainable practices, etc.  That day CAN happen, if we collectively stop buying harmful products whenever possible.  Most of the information I have been gathering has been easy to access and easy to understand, but it still requires some privilege to have the time to wade through everything.  Let me do the wading, and you all can just benefit from what I am learning!

Here is a link to the blog where I first talked about the grand idea, so we are all caught up! Ethics in Shopping.  I am using an old blog space that had been just a personal page of sorts, so I have to re-brand the domain name, but for now, you can find me here!  And in the meantime, if you live in Texas, take heart in knowing that HEB gets high marks in their proprietary products.  Start with swapping all of your Nestle/Purina/see the chart products with HEB brands, and you will already be making a difference in the world!


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